Welcome to the website of the Inquiry Commission into the appointment process for judges to the Court of Quebec, municipal courts and the Tribunal administratif du Québec.

The Commission was created by an Order in Council of the Government of Québec (No. 322-2010) on April 14, 2010.  The Honourable Michel Bastarache sits as its Commissioner.

This site’s contents and the works conducted by the Commission are almost entirely in the French language. Given the great public interest in the works of the Commission, all testimonies are available (audio and video) in either French or English, according to the language they were delivered in.

To access the testimonies, please click on “Audiences” in the left-hand column.   There, you will find the content of all past hearings, and the calendar of upcoming hearings.

For all past hearings, you will find the list of witnesses, the full transcription, and the video recording.  Transcriptions are made available at the soonest the day following the hearing, but they may be delayed for a couple of days.

For upcoming hearings, the list of witnesses is posted.

All of the Commissioner’s official declarations, as well as all of his decisions, can be found in the according sections listed in the left-column menu. 

All of the documents tabled during the audiences can also be found in the «Documents déposés» section.

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